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If you have questions about Spirit of the Desert that aren't answered anywhere on this web site or if you'd just like to talk to a human being, please use one of the convenient methods in the sidebar at right to get in touch with us. We'd love to hear from you regardless of which method of communication you choose. Below are some frequently asked questions about Spirit of the Desert and the Episcopal Church.

What's the Latest News at Spirit?

Answer: Find out the latest news by taking a look at our most recent newsletter. (Just follow the link at right.) Upcoming events are also featured in the box on this page. Also check out our Calendar of Events.

What is the Episcopal Church?
Answer: The Episcopal Church of the U.S.A (ECUSA) is the American branch of the worldwide Anglican Communion -- a "daughter" of the Church of England.

By the way, "Episcopal" is an adjective: "I belong to the Episcopal Church." The noun is "Episcopalian": "I am an Episcopalian."

What does "Episcopal" mean?:
Answer: "Episcopos" is the Greek word for "bishop." Thus "Episcopal" means "governed by bishops." The Episcopal Church maintains the three-fold order of ministry as handed down by the Apostles -- deacons, priests and bishops -- in direct descent, via the laying on of hands, from the original Apostles.

How do Episcopalians worship?

Answer: Worship at Spirit of the Desert, as in all Episcopal churches, is based on the Book of Common Prayer, our central document of worship. The liturgy, physical setting, music, and other elements of worship can range from very formal and traditional to contemporary. The tone and degree of formality varies with the seasons of the church year as do scripture readings and forms of worship. Regardless of the season, at Spirit of the Desert you will find a relaxed modern setting blended with respect for traditions and interpreted scripture

What should I wear?
Answer: There are no dress codes at Spirit of the Desert. Dress is casual and relaxed. Please dress for comfort. Shorts in summertime and ski clothes in the winnter are perfectly appropriate, for example.

Who do I call for Pastoral Care ?
Answer: Please notify the Reverend Lee Montgomery at (435) 592-0034 when there are emergencies, illnesses, accidents, joys, and successes. Intercessions are offered at all Eucharists in prayers for the ill, troubled, and departed. The congregation gives thanks on the occasion of wedding anniversaries and birthdays. Confidential discussion of troubles, joys, and sorrows - personal, job-related, marital, family, or spiritual - is always available. The The Reverend Lee Montgomery is ready to assist persons in locating professional help when necessary.



The Reverend Lee Montgomery
(435) 592-0034

Spirit of the Desert Church
873 D Coyote Gulch Court
Kayenta, Ivins, Utah 84738



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"Java and Jesus" weekly beginning April 15 at the Xetava Cafe in the Kayenta Art Village (Just look for the guy wearing the white collar.) Here's your chance to discuss the Bible or other spiritual issues with Spirit's very own Priest in Charge.